Who is behind the camera

…me, Eddie Korjenic, a self-taught photographer, retoucher and a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur. Made in Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), where I lived till I was in my early teens. During the civil war in the Balkans my family decided to seek refuge in Melbourne (Australia) and 20 years later I still call Melbourne home.

Fast forward a few years; technologically inclined I invested 5 years of my life into University studies and ended up with a double Bachelor Degree of ‘pain’ (Engineering and Physics) with no real concept of my ideal vocation. Although this satisfied my logical and technical brain, I craved a creative outlet.

Having always had an interest in photography (especially since I got introduced to Photoshop in high school) at some point during my ‘exciting’ corporate career, I hesitantly purchased a DSLR camera after my old point and shoot camera broke down. That was when my love affair with photography started.

Being a very social person and having grown up in a loving environment surrounded by family and friends, I’m a people person, so I naturally drifted towards portraiture. Although I love photography, it’s the human interaction during the photoshoot that makes my job so much more enjoyable & interesting.

Concentrating on fashion and portraiture I strive to make images that wow my clients. While I believe my photography speaks for itself, I’m a typical creative, I’m never completely satisfied with my work. The constant hunger to become better at what I do is what drives me to keep learning, improving and having fun while doing it.



Have a look at my portfolio, tell me what you think – if a picture is worth a thousand words, I only need a few


No-one has ever walked away from a photoshoot feeling unsatisfied or hungry